About myself

Life Learner, Zombie Fan, Boulderer. I am an ICT Network Manager, I love to learn and dabble in every aspect of Computing.

I have always had a passion for technology and sharing my knowledge with others, helping friends, family and small companies to improve their skills, networks, and fixing devices.

Furthermore, I am an advocate of open-source technology, security & privacy. I am also a proud member of the BCS.

Networking Dream

Networking Dream is a way of unifying my efforts under a single name and expanding my own understanding of tasks involved in developing a brand from scratch such as the creative side of branding, brand awareness with social marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) and lastly business and project management processes.

Latest Blog

My latest blog posts, ranging from various technology projects and topics including Web Development, Linux, Networking, Cisco, IoT and Home Automation and more.

Articles may contain Affiliate links to help support this site.

My Website Work

My efforts on these projects has stopped, although they may still be live.

Websites I have created and deployed into the real world, I'm not a web developer by trade, nor have I have any formal training, all the skills are self-taught these include; SEO, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Jekyll and the necessary skills to deploy these on my own web servers, these tend to be Apache or Nginx with Let's Encrypt certificates and Cloudflare services.