APC UPS Battery Replacement

14 Apr 2021

This short guide provides guidance and images of a APC Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery replacement for the model: APC Smart-UPS SMT - Uninterruptible Power Supply 750VA Rackmount 2U - SMT750RMI2U

WARNING: Please take care when working with batteries as there is a risk of electric shock!!

If you purchase the official APC battery pack then you do not need to remove the stickers or wiring as you are purchasing a complete unit, but I found I can purchase a set of Yuasa batteries for roughly £30 in comparison to the kit which sells for roughly £90.

The process was relatively quick and easy to achieve, I used some Gorilla tape to reapply the sticker as it lost some adhesive and I wanted to be sure I could pull the batteries back out again when required.

  1. Remove the front panel and release the thumb screwed battery cover.


  2. Use the tapes to pull the battery out, this automatically disconnected the unit.


  3. Remove the sticker from both sides and disconnect the power cables, black (negative) first then red (positive).


  4. Connect the new batteries in the same configuration.


  5. Reapply the sticker, using some tape on the sides to ensure you can pull it back out later.


  6. Replace the battery cover and front panel, reconnect power and check the front panel display.


This UPS is part of a learning lab containing:

I hope you have found this helpful.

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